Help For Alien Abduction and Psychic Attack Issues

Ashtar Command Healing and Alien Implant Removal Services
Welcome to - Ashtar Command Healing and Implant-Imprint Removal Technology with Alexandriah Stahr.  It is my hope that this website will update the truth about Implants and Imprints and what you can do about them. Implants and Imprints can be removed safely and permanently. Although this website is called Alien Implant-Imprint Removal and puts emphasis of Grey Abductees and Government Programmed Multiples, everyone is affected by Alien Implants and Imprints also know as Spiritual Limitation Devices. Since the earth is controlled and manipulated by various alien groups through the MATRIX, Implant-Imprint Removal is an important step in clearing your consciousness in preparation for the Planetary Shift of 2012 and beyond
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